Hello and welcome! I have been a Graphic Designer for over twenty years and would like to offer my design skills in creating book covers. My goal is to make you, the author, thrilled with the cover of your book.  I can do simple typography layouts or ones with complex images depending on your desires!

All the work on this page is mine, from concept to artwork to layout. I find high resolution photographs and vector illustrations from free sites such as,, and that meet the requirements of the book’s subject, then crop, blend, and manipulate color. I can add effects such as poster edges or dry brush in Photoshop to give them an illustrative look if wanted. Of course if you already have images, I will use those. If you do not have images, I can find them for you on free as well as paid sites such as or Then I design the layout of the cover with the title, author, blurbs, etc.

My portfolio contains both actual covers I’ve done for authors and pre-made covers. I’ve included all different styles and looks. If any of the pre-made designs appeal to you, I can substitute your own book info into the design, or even mix and match. And please don’t worry about originality. Once a design is sold, it will never be sold again. That will be your book cover only.

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