Ink – Beneath the Stain, available on Amazon.

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A boy born with a giant birthmark faces the brutal challenges of a world fearful and judgmental of differences. Providence leads him to the eccentric and bizarre corner of life. Perhaps he has found his niche. But still people cannot see beneath the stain. Then he meets two others who have also endured terrible bias in their lives. Drawn to one another, the three form a charged and passionate relationship which hurtles towards tragedy, but in the end is saved by the power of love.

Owl Manor – the Dawning
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The hand of fate is ever present. We would believe we are in complete control, spend our lives trying to exercise that control, but sometimes the tide sweeps us in directions unimagined. And we have no choice but to swim towards the whatever that awaits us, and to wonder if it was meant to be.

This is the story of Eva. Stifled by the ignorant attitudes towards women in Colonial America, unable to reach her full potential, Eva lives a life of dissatisfaction and frustration. Fate leads her to the Rocky Mountains in 1859, and the shadow that lurks in the dark halls of Owl Manor, where she finds unforeseen fulfillment.