My recent covers and starting prices!!

Done with the 5 free I offered and they were so much fun!! Thank you to all the authors that took a chance on me!

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My goal is to provide quality covers at affordable prices. Check out my fees below.

design fees

75% due in the beginning. The rest due before work on final begins. 🙂


christmas-2535555_1920 copy

Womens Oversized Christmas Reindeer Cardigan

$19.99 – $44.99

How cute is this? I want one!!!!!

HOT Introductory Offer for AUTHORS! 5 free cover designs!! 2 left so hurry before they run out!)

2 left so hurry before they run out!

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With over twenty years of Graphic Design background, I would now like to focus on designing book covers only!! As an introduction to my skills, I am offering 5 free cover designs in exchange for credit in the front matter! Check out my cover design comps on

Process: (book cover designers charge $300 – $500 or more for this whole process.)

1. Initial consultation:

  1. What is the book about?
  2. Mood, images you have, or have in mind. If you already have images, you can send those to me.
  3. Colors, fonts (bright? Dark? Monochrome? Bw?; fancy fonts? Blocky? Quirky? Jazzy? Fun? Etc.)
  4. Layout: simple – one image and text? Complex – blend of images and text? Photos or vector art? Literal or symbolic?
  5. Text for front cover and back cover
  6. size of book, number of pages

2. Pass 1:

3-6 rough comps. Pick and choose direction, narrow down to one look, request changes (color lightening, font changes, etc.)

3. Pass 2:

2nd round of comps: 2-3 depending on pass 1.

4. Pass 3:

One comp with changes requested in pass 1. Any further changes at this point are minor. Proof front and back matter.

5. Pass 4:

Final high res comp with all front and back matter in place. 3 more passes allowed for text changes but layout and design are final.

6. Pass 5 and 6:

text changes if needed.

7. Final high res comp.

I do all different styles for both fiction and non-fiction. After the initial 5 designs, I will also be offering my services for a low price to begin! So contact me soon if you need a cover designed!!

christmas-2535555_1920 copy


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