Can’t finish that bottle of wine?

wine copyEver find yourself dying for just one glass of good wine, then agonizing over a whole open bottle that you have to drink soon, as in within a week, so it doesn’t end up in your spaghetti sauce, which you don’t make much anyway? That’s me. Luckily, I’ve found wines that are in the $20.00 range to put in my sauce if they don’t get finished in time, so I can spare the screaming $50 bottles that nightmare.

I’m not a heavy drinker. I could be! There is absolutely nothing like the taste of a good red wine. It fills you with that delicious, giddy, sublime feeling that you get from…well, love. You want to dwell in it forever. But I find if I drink too much, the love turns. It interferes with my mojo. Makes me more tired, lazy, not as organized and diligent, and GRUMPY. If only I had stopped after that second glass! Oh, why can’t I drink more and function like those who can!! Can they really?

A while back, I discovered that one of my favorite wines, JLohr cabernet sauvignon from the central coast of California, comes in a small bottle, and since then I run around like a crazy person looking for stores that carry it.

So, when I went on the Drinjk Wines site, I felt as though it was the solution to my angst. A business that sells small bottles in general! For people like me who just want to have a glass or two without worrying about flavoring spaghetti sauce…how awesome is that! And to be able to taste different wines and not feel bad about throwing away a bottle if you don’t like it! Wow.


Some say it’s the adrenaline rush.

dreamsphere II

Why do we read horror? Some say it’s the adrenaline rush, some say they like to see it happening to someone else, or to experience danger knowing it’s not really happening. But is it not really happening? There’s danger all around us, demons that exist in the real world, and inside our own selves. Horror is, in the end, a reflection of the darker side of humanity. I am writing horror currently because it satisfies my inner demons. I would like to think it purges them, but alas they’re too deeply embedded, products of my life experiences. I don’t know if I’ll be writing horror forever, but for now, my question is, why do you think people read horror?