Owl Manor reviews

 4 stars from International Review of Books

A line in the book that stood out to the reviewer: 
“…but even within that oblivion had stirred something dark and malevolent.”

Owl Manor is a wonderful example of Regency style Gothic horror, heavy on the tropes of the genre, but still telling a taut and masterful story. The heroine is a mix of a modern feminist in thought, trapped in an age where women are commodities, and a naive young woman that so often features in these gothic novels. It sounds jarring but provides modern readers a reason to root for our young Eva as she pits herself against Owl Manor and the secrets within. 

There are all the right ingredients for a gothic novel – a large sweeping manor house, the spirits of murdered young women, a dark and foreboding man, and our heroine, plunged into the middle of all this in a mix of fate and poor life choices; which lead to some comical moments when read with a modern viewpoint, but make perfect sense within the body of the novel. The book has some stand out moments – the toxic and yet seemingly irresistible draw of Owl Manor and its owner is skillfully written, and the descriptions and comportment of the household are true to the era. The romance, which is a tense slow burn, really adds to the book, as we know it is a bad idea, and yet, the participants cannot help themselves, and like any good tragedy, we the readers must buckle down to observe the fallout. I sat and read it in one sitting, enjoying the spooky ambiance and delighting in reading all my favorite Regency motifs in one place.   

V. Timmons 
5.0 out of 5 stars  Good book! Highly recommended!
I thoroughly enjoyed Owl Manor. I read books across a variety of genres, but not typically Gothic romance. After reading this book, I will definitely add Gothic romance to my reading list, as well as other novels by this author. I was attracted to this book by the beautiful cover and the suggestions of dark suspense of the woman protagonist living in the 1800’s.

The author does a great job of developing the main characters as the book builds to a climax, interweaving interesting details and dropping hints of the darkness to come, without revealing enough that you can predict the unraveling events. It contains a mixture of moody suspense, believable dread, and indications of supernatural intervention.

I enjoy novels that leave a bit to the imagination at the conclusion, instead of wrapping everything up into a neat, homogenized package. I like how Owl Manor does this, leaving me to imagine many possibilities and wondering what is to come in the next installation in the series. I eagerly await the next book!

4.0 out of 5 stars  Eerie Gothic Story!
This is a wonderful gothic horror novel. The writing is beautifully done and takes you back to another time, where you feel you are living in another world and witnessing the events that take place within this unusual story.

The story follows high spirited and beautiful Eva who was raised by her well off aunt and uncle who also have daughters, yet Eva was loved as one of their own. Eva marries very young and has a child, but she is dissatisfied at the way her life has turned out.
The other main character is Rafe Bradstone who had an unfortunate and abusive childhood and has many scars and wounds that still fester with the cruelty of his upbringing.
There is a serial killer of prostitutes reigning fear and terror in Denver but the town hasn’t any clues of who this monster could be.
Owl Manor will appear with an air of grandeur and foreboding in it’s majestic yet dark beauty and many, many stone owls adorn this mansion inside and outside. You must read this book youself, to find out the why the owls have become the name of Owl Manor.

I was mesmerized by the storytelling and beautiful writing that Zita Harrison has created in this book. I haven’t read a gothic novel in many years and this book captured all the eerie and dark emotions with slow building suspense that was exceptionally gratifying.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. This is a must read if anyone is interested in gothic books or just a terrific dark story that is so well-written.
I highly recommend this book and given a rating of 4 1/2 Dark  Stars!!

4 out of 5 stars  Serial killer on the loose
Eva is a young woman with a strong will and bright mind who feels there must be something more to life than the drudgery of settling into marriage and bearing children that she doesn’t really want, with a man who turns out to be less than what she had hoped for. Not having many opportunities in the 1850s she is swept by circumstance to live in squalor and poverty while her husband pursues his dream of striking gold.

There’s a serial killer on the loose, whose hatred of his mother drives him to murder prostitutes, believing the world is a better place without these unclean women. Money and privilege conceal his heinous acts and seem to keep him above suspicion from everyone…except the owls. When he crosses paths with Eva, her strong will may be her salvation or her demise.

Bonnie Gallup  5.0 out of 5 stars    Brilliant writing. Great story. Riveting with a touch of the supernatural.
In many books, I can see where the plot line is heading and guess the ending…not so with Owl Manor-The Dawning. I didn’t see it coming! To say more I’d have to label my comments as “spoiler alerts” and I really recommend experiencing this book for yourself!!

Zita has done an excellent job of weaving together her characters’ stories. She explores the complex layers of her characters so you understand their motives even if you can’t condone their actions. The book is fast-paced with short chapters so you find yourself not wanting to put it down. Zita knows how to hook your interest and reel you in! I’m a fan who is now eagerly awaiting the second book of the trilogy.

Linda Dunbar  5.0 out of 5 stars  Another great tale from a Zita Harrison  
A page turner that I couldn’t put down once I started reading! The characters are believable and underscore the complexity of life and human nature. Owl Manor is a haunting tale which is both terrifying and thrilling—perfect timing as Halloween is right around the corner! Zita is a talented author and you won’t be disappointed by this book.