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75% due in the beginning. The rest due before work on final begins.


1. Initial consultation:

  1. What is the book about?
  2. Mood, images you have, or have in mind. If you already have images, you can send those to me.
  3. Colors, fonts (bright? Dark? Monochrome? Bw?; fancy fonts? Blocky? Quirky? Jazzy? Fun? Etc.)
  4. Layout: simple – one image and text? Complex – blend of images and text? Do you need me to look for images? Photos or vector art? Literal or symbolic?
  5. Text for front cover and back cover
  6. size of book, number of pages

2. Pass 1:

3-6 rough comps. Pick and choose direction, narrow down to one look, request changes (color lightening, font changes, etc.)

3. Pass 2:

2nd round of comps: 2-4 depending on pass 1.

4. Pass 3:

One comp with changes requested in pass 1. Any further changes at this point are minor. Proof title, taglines, author name, etc.

5. Pass 4:

Final high res cover. Layout and design are final.

6. Pass 5 for PRINT  – if you need a full cover spread with spine and back cover:

Send me blurbs, bios, photos, etc for the back cover, and templates if needed.

7. Pass 6:

Layout of full spread with everything in place. Proof everything carefully and return to me.

8. Pass 7 and 8:

Any further text changes. No more changes after Pass 8.


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Hello and welcome!

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I am a writer of suspenseful romance, a blogger, and a book cover designer. All my life I have been passionate about both Writing and Art and am now happily writing and creating Art in the form of Graphic Design as well as personal Art.

BOOKS: My first novel, Ink – Beneath the Stain, came out in July 2016, and I am currently working on my second novel, Owl Manor, the Dawning, a supernatural romance full of suspense. You can read more about these books on my BOOKS page.

BLOGS: I like to write about anything inspiring related to Art: books, movies, musicians, paintings, sculpture, etc. You can find these at BLOGS, ETC.

BOOK COVER DESIGNS: With over twenty years of Graphic Design experience, I designed the covers for my own books. Then I decided I wanted to do more, and put together some mockups to display my design skills. Below are a few samples, and you can check out my BOOK COVER DESIGNS page for more designs, BOTH FICTION AND NON-FICTION, and special offers!

OTHER DESIGNS: My OTHER DESIGNS page has samples of work I did as a Graphic Designer for various firms as well as my own personal artwork.

Feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear from you!!