Offering my novel Ink – Beneath the Stain free for a limited time !

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Born with a giant blue birthmark covering half his face, a boy is given the name “Ink” by his quirky artist mother. In a world full of bias where no one escapes judgment, we watch him grow from an unconcerned toddler, to a spirited, defiant young boy, to an angry, hostile, and lonely teenager who despairs that no-one will ever see who he really is beneath the stain. As a young man, just as he finally begins to accept his fate, providence steps in. Swept away by a billionaire entrepreneur to a different world, a world in which what others consider eccentric and bizarre are celebrated, he hopes that perhaps he has found his niche. But people are still unable to get past the birthmark. Then he discovers that two other people have also struggled with bias all their lives: the billionaire entrepreneur, lord and master of this new world of Art, and a beautiful dancer from Paraguay. The three form a charged and passionate relationship which hurtles towards tragedy. In the end, love prevails.

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