Books; short stories

Ink – Beneath the Stain, a novel
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Born with a giant blue birthmark in a world full of bias, Ink despairs that no one will ever see the boy beneath the stain. Then he is given the opportunity to become part of a different world, a world where perhaps he will be accepted. He discovers two other people who have also suffered from bias all their lives. The three form a charged relationship which hurtles towards tragedy. But in the end the power of love is prevails.

“Owl Manor,” a short story
A lonely spirit, a victim of murder, is forced to linger in the walls of Owl Manor, the house in the Rocky Mountains in which she met her end years ago. Seen and heard only by some forest dwellers around the property, she wonders why she is denied release. Why must she suffer this meaningless existence? Enter Claire, a bored visitor to the mountains, a reckless seeker of adventure. Oblivious to hidden dangers, Claire puts herself in deadly peril. And the spirit finally finds the answer to her question.
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