Playing around on Photoshop

Took this photo in Sorrento, on the coast of Naples, Italy. Just fell in love with the colors. I have an ocean ripple on this to soften and diffuse it. Like the way it turned out.

Excerpt from Owl Manor – Abigail

The Denver sun began to languish as the coach left town that evening and headed up the mountain road to Owl Manor, about an hour’s ride. A mist slithered in through the trees on either side of them, their branches sagging heavily under thick layers of snow. Clumps of knotty underbrush of different shapes and…

Shadow of the raven

Was making a cover for “Shadow of the Raven”. Took on a life of its own! Hate to put text on it now!

Owl Manor reviews

A line in the book that stood out to the reviewer: “…but even within that oblivion had stirred something dark and malevolent.” Owl Manor is a wonderful example of Regency style Gothic horror, heavy on the tropes of the genre, but still telling a taut and masterful story. The heroine is a mix of a modern feminist…


The world lit up with sudden flashes of blinding light, like angry blasts from the beyond. Big, fat raindrops erupted in torrents, pounding a savage, primordial beat that left the soul quaking and raw. She jerked up in bed, shaken, confused, and reached out to turn on the fan, but realized the power had gone…