Owl Manor .99 holiday sale!!

Review for Owl Manor - the Dawning: 5.0 out of 5 stars INCREDIBLY RIVETING!!!!Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2020Verified Purchase"It's rare for me to give 5 STAR reviews on a first read of a new author I haven't read before. I literally read this book in 2 days!!" Review for Owl Manor… Continue reading Owl Manor .99 holiday sale!!

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OUT NOW! THE FINAL BOOK OF THE GOTHIC SUSPENSE OWL MANOR TRILOGY: OWL MANOR - THE FINAL STROKE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE! For a quarter of a century, the horrors at Owl Manor have been buried under dust and decay, forgotten and unheard. Then Dolores hears the whispers. Dolores, a young artist, feels the… Continue reading


Ok, friends! For your enjoyment! An excerpt from Owl Manor - the Final Stroke, third and final book of the Gothic suspense trilogy, coming this fall! "The manor loomed through the haze, a dark, slumbering structure cloaked in a mysterious past. What stories lurked within those walls? As I stared at it, it seemed to… Continue reading


This is a classic tale of good versus evil, centering around eight mystical stones that will give the person who possesses them unimaginable power. It is Draxta’s mission, with the help of a priest with magical powers, to collect all the stones and take over the Lands of the Faith. When the leaders of the… Continue reading

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Excerpt from Owl Manor – Abigail

The Denver sun began to languish as the coach left town that evening and headed up the mountain road to Owl Manor, about an hour’s ride. A mist slithered in through the trees on either side of them, their branches sagging heavily under thick layers of snow. Clumps of knotty underbrush of different shapes and… Continue reading Excerpt from Owl Manor – Abigail