Book Review: Out of the Madhouse and into The Doghouse by Mary Markstrom

Mary Markstrom is in her fifties and has had it with her unrewarding, often punishing job as a social worker. She sells her place in England, buys an old, beat-up, vintage caravan and leaves for Spain to start a new life.

While I admire the courage of this woman and wish I had it myself (!), I would not have taken the questionable character named Max with me. She hasn’t known him that long and he seems more interested in her money than he should be. But who wants to do something like this alone?

A wild ride of ups and downs, some funny, and some positively disastrous, eventually leads her to a fulfilling career in taking care of dogs.

An easy and fast read, the book is full of gorgeous descriptions crafted with imagination, sometimes with words one would not expect but which worked perfectly, and often with humor.

I would have liked to have seen longer, better planned chapters with a bit more defined beginnings, endings and transitions. They were very short, no more than a page each, and often jumped from one topic to another in a manner which felt disjointed and abrupt to me. But I soon got caught up in the writing and descriptions again.

All in all, a fun read!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

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