Isabella is dead, and she is being mourned by Lisa Gerrard, of the band Dead Can Dance.

Lisa starts with a ghostly, inhuman groaning, bringing to mind witches and dark spirituality.

Then she begins howling and wailing in torment, in wretchedness, in madness.





LG copy

Anyone who has lost loved ones knows how shocking it is, how unacceptable, how beyond our control, how it jars our reality. Our entire being screams in protest.

This song is bursting with all these emotions, emotions that if we gave in to would smash the order that exists in the world to enable us to function. We would be mercilessly driven into the madness that lurks beneath the surface in all of us. How can it not? Just take a deeper look at the world, how can there not be madness? Sometimes, much to the horror of my husband, I want to go screaming and howling out into the streets myself. I really do. But of course I don’t…haven’t reached that point yet. 🙂 Fortunately, we find outlets for it in Art. Books, music, dance, theater.

Dead can Dance  was formed in 1981 in Melbourne by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. In 1982 the two musicians relocated to London where they signed for the alternative post and gothic rock label 4AD. 

Here is “Ocean” by Dead can Dance with the amazing vocals of Lisa Gerrard. Hope it leaves you as stunned as it leaves me.


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