Can’t finish that bottle of wine?

wine copyEver find yourself dying for just one glass of good wine, then agonizing over a whole open bottle that you have to drink soon, as in within a week, so it doesn’t end up in your spaghetti sauce, which you don’t make much anyway? That’s me. Luckily, I’ve found wines that are in the $20.00 range to put in my sauce if they don’t get finished in time, so I can spare the screaming $50 bottles that nightmare.

I’m not a heavy drinker. I could be! There is absolutely nothing like the taste of a good red wine. It fills you with that delicious, giddy, sublime feeling that you get from…well, love. You want to dwell in it forever. But I find if I drink too much, the love turns. It interferes with my mojo. Makes me more tired, lazy, not as organized and diligent, and GRUMPY. If only I had stopped after that second glass! Oh, why can’t I drink more and function like those who can!! Can they really?

A while back, I discovered that one of my favorite wines, JLohr cabernet sauvignon from the central coast of California, comes in a small bottle, and since then I run around like a crazy person looking for stores that carry it.

So, when I went on the Drinjk Wines site, I felt as though it was the solution to my angst. A business that sells small bottles in general! For people like me who just want to have a glass or two without worrying about flavoring spaghetti sauce…how awesome is that! And to be able to taste different wines and not feel bad about throwing away a bottle if you don’t like it! Wow.

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