Owl Manor – the Dawning: a Gothic Romantic Suspense Novel, Now Available for Pre-order on Amazon Kindle!!!

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We would believe that we have command over our destiny, spend our lives trying to carve out our desires. But sometimes the tide sweeps us in paths beyond the imagination. And we have no choice but to swim powerless towards the mist that awaits us, and to wonder why.

This is the story of Eva. Stifled by the repression of women in the 1800s, trapped in a loveless marriage, Eva lives a life of dissatisfaction and frustration. Fate leads her to the Rocky Mountains during the gold rush in 1859, where she finds unexpected hope at Owl manor, a strange, dark place with owls in the very fabric of its walls. But the stakes are perilous. Shadows wander the dim corridors. And the owner of the manor is moody, erratic. Volatile. Can he be trusted?

Owl Manor – the Dawning, the first standalone book in a trilogy of Gothic romantic suspense novels, is inspired by authors such as Daphne du Maurier (Jamaica Inn, Rebecca), Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Marina, Shadow of the Wind), Kate Morton (The Forgotten Garden). Filled with Poe-esque atmosphere, dark desires and supernatural elements, this book is a must read for fans of the modern Gothic.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle


“Owl Manor the Dawning is an amazing Gothic horror novel that instantly takes you back to a time where life was harder and misery seemed to love company. The story follows Eva, Mr. Bradstone, Gilbert, and Joseph on a wild ride to madness, and every single unexpected twist and turn left me breathless. 

Zita Harrison’s writing is reminiscent of Poe, in which the entire story comes alive and leaves you anxiously turning the pages to see what is going to happen. The foreshadowing is amazing, and if you aren’t careful, you just may miss it (and it is so much more fun to find them the second time around!). 

Zita Harrison does an incredible job with this epic gothic horror novel. Her story will stay with me long, and I will never look at owls the same again!”

– Silvia Curry

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