Venice for Artists

Venice touches the artist in me. Not like Rome, which howls of the dark passions, the pain of persecutions, and the beauty and might of past civilizations, and which twists something deep and vast inside my soul that scares me but makes me want to go there over and over again. Venice affects me, thankfully, in a more lighthearted way. While too much of Rome could drive one such as myself mad, Venice just makes me happy. If you can ignore the rude waiters, that is. That just goes with territory I guess!! The colors and life flowing through the canals of this city are astonishing, some fantasy conjured up by a dreamer. I mean can a city on water exist in reality? One where people go around by motor boats instead of cars and cross gorgeous little bridges to get around by foot? If so why aren’t there more of them? And why not a city in the clouds? Or under the sea?
Here is some artwork inspired by Venice. I would love to hear from those of you who have been there and your impressions of it!!
venice card

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