Gothic music by Adrian Von Ziegler

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, guys! I’ve been focusing completely on finishing my book Owl Manor to get it to my editor! Sometimes writers are devoured by their work!

But I have to share this piece by Adrian Von Ziegler, who is fast becoming my favorite Gothic musician. I listen to him when I write and it fills me with inspiration, and sometimes makes me want to weep with the enormity of life. His music is intensely emotional, mysterious and beautifully dark. It resonates of the sublime power of nature to evoke joy as well as fear. Of windy moors, dark forests, old mansions; damsels in distress and Byronic heroes; deeply flawed, romantic characters with tortured souls and internal struggles. And the existence of spirits, or energy, whatever one wants to call them, in different dimensions. Yummy.

Does anyone not have internal struggles? Is that even possible? Our life experiences define us, they are not always positive, and we do the best that we can with whom we become. A very important lesson I have been learning in life is that we need to accept all aspects of ourselves, seek harmony in even that part that seems damaged or abnormal, understand where it comes from  and that this is what we were given in this life. Only then can we survive and rise above things, and feel empathy and compassion for others. Perfection, after all, is a matter of opinion, right?

Hence my attraction to Gothic literature. Set in the gold mining era of America, Owl Manor is very Gothic, and I am having a delicious time writing it while listening to the music of Adrian Von Ziegler. By the way, what a great name.

Here is Evocation by Adrian Von Ziegler. Enjoy!

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