An excerpt from Owl Manor – The Dawning, coming soon!

“Then I heard the sound of breathing. I stood still, every hair on my body standing up. The breathing sounded harsh, guttural, a growl, but not one that I had heard before. At this point I had absolutely no idea which way the house lay, and I felt like I was being devoured by the woods, that I would never get out of there. Silly, you think, but you did not hear what I heard. There was another loud crash and the breathing got louder. It sounded like a large animal. A mountain lion? I turned and ran now, away from the sound, crashing through the underbrush, smashing into low branches, tearing my clothes, slashing my face, and tripped over something large and fell on my face in the damp, moldy earth. Moaning in pain and fear, I raised my head and found myself staring at the carcass of a deer. Its stomach had been ripped open, blood and entrails hanging out. And its head stared at me with sightless, dead eyes. I yelped and scrambled to my feet, stumbled back, and found myself up against a tree trunk. Its mossy fingers clung to me, I could not move. And then, I swear to you, Gilbert, the unearthly screams of a woman filled the woods, followed by shrill screeches that made my blood curdle. And from nowhere, owls flew at me, yes, OWLS! Flapping their wings, pecking at my arms. I tried to knock them away, shrieking myself by now. And the woman’s screams went on and on. I turned again and ran blindly, going left and right, anywhere away from the owls. But they followed, still screeching, still pecking. I felt their beaks on my face, and believing my end was near, fell to the ground and lay there with my arms over my face. But suddenly they stopped. Slowly I removed my arms, opened my eyes. The owls were gone. It was silent again.”

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